CALL 2022  GETHI SCHOLARSHIP – Inés de Pablo Llorens

In 2021, the Spanish Group of Orphan and Infrequent Tumors, GETHI, was the first recipient of the benefits collected by the Soccer Tournament held in memoriam of Inés de Pablo Llorens.

GETHI, within the framework of its strategies to stimulate and enhance the development of research projects, and, with the contribution of these funds launched  the Inés de Pablo Llorens GETHI grant. "Aid for Research in Orphan and Infrequent Tumors of the Digestive System". The aim is to encourage the development of original proposals for research projects that lead to the advances in clinical therapeutics and a best understanding of these tumors.


Awarded in May 2021 to the project "Identification and clinical validation of epigenetic biomarkers based on circulating DNA methylation to monitor therapeutic response in pancreatic cancer", Directed by Dr. Elena Brezos belonging to the Oncology Service of the Santiago de Compostela Health Area. We are awaiting the imminent delivery of the results. The assessment at six months has been satisfactory since the necessary cases have been gathered and are currently pending statistical study.



Awarded, October 2022, the second call for the GETHI - INES DE PABLO LLORENS SCHOLARSHIP, with an economic endowment of €18,000, for an original research project in the field of Orphan and Infrequent Tumors of the Digestive System developed in a national center, to Dr. Fernando Calvo from the Institute of Biomedicine of Seville, University of Seville, director of the project entitled “Pharmacological inhibition of the RAS/MAPK signaling pathway for the treatment of recurrent neuroblastoma resistant to current therapies


Dr. Verónica Llorens & Dr. Fernando Calvo At the award ceremony of the II Ines De Pablo Llorens Scholarship.

Dr. Fernando Calvo has expressed his wish that the association and all its collaborators know the importance of our work, and what it means to be able to obtain this type of aid; "Please let the entire Association know how much this help means to the research group."

For whom?

The grant will be awarded to the winning individual or team, or to the managing entity that they select, and will be used entirely to carry out the winning research project.

  • Number of Scholarships: 1
  • Endowment: 18.000 €
  • Duration: The project must start at the time the aid is granted and will have a maximum execution period of 2 years.


No need to be a Gethi



Original research project, which is not linked to any clinical trial or research projects already funded, although it could be potentially eligible complementary original research or extension, lacking funds, of projects already financed by public or private means.

Research Area: Project related to Orphan and Infrequent Tumors of the Digestive System. Priority will be given to translational research projects with clinical applicability.

The research project must be carried out in Spain.

If you want to learn more

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