Initiatives and events in which we participate

One of our priorities is to participate and consolidate sporting events, clearly focused, on one hand, on promoting a healthy lifestyle and on the other, on remembering and paying tribute to Inés De Pablo Llorens, to her sporting, noble and competitive spirit.

Tribute to Inés De Pablo Llorens - Athletic Club

Inés Miren De Pablo Llorens passed away due to a rare cancer in September 2019, at the age of 23, shortly after having finished Medicine with very good grades at the University of Navarra. As an athlete, she stood out as a tennis player, being runner-up of Euskadi Absoluta in 2012, and also played football with her fellow students. She was also a great red-and-white fan, who showed her pride in Athletic Club wherever she went.

Inés De Pablo Llorens Tennis Cup

From May 14 to 22, 2022, Jolaseta hosted the Inés de Pablo Llorens Tennis Cup, 1st edition for veteran categories, +35, +45 and +55, 3rd  for  Absolute Male edition and already 4th edition for Absolute Women's .

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II Inés De Pablo Llorens Football Tournament

The Inés de Pablo Tournament is a women's indoor football charity tournament. Its second edition  took place on May 28 , 2022, The idea of this tournament arose after the loss of our friend Inés de Pablo Llorens, who suffered a very aggressive and unusual tumor when she was 23 years old. After her loss, and as teammates and crew of friends, we decided to do our bit by raising funds to donate to the research of these rare cancers without effective treatment.

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