Why we do it

Our experience has shown us that the treatment and comfort of patients/people suffering from rare tumors lack of resources and means. Inés , a fighter, would have liked to improve and alleviate this situation. She is not here anymore, and, we would like to follow her dreams. This is the beginning and meaning of the Inés De Pablo Llorens Association.

What we aim for

Support research into the identification and treatment of rare tumors that since they are rare, they get scarce means for the investigation. However, the discoveries about these may be applicable to other more common tumors and benefit a larger number of patients / people. Our lines of action are prevention, detection and treatment.

How we do it

For prevention, support for healthy lifestyle, sport practice and good nutrition. For detection, identifying new types of diagnosis, inter alia, analytical, genetics, tumor typing and medical imaging. For treatment, encouraging basic and clinical research targeted at tumors. 

The association will conduct actions that guarantee that the processes to award support to studies and oversee their application are transparent and verifiable. To this end, we will show our collaborators and supporters what it is done with their contributions, both in monetary terms, volunteering actions and any other type of support.

Do you want to participate?